Tell Your New Jersey Legislator to Stand Up for Pigs One More Time


Unfortunately, there was not enough time to overturn the Governor’s veto of S.B. 1921, which would have banned the use of gestation crates for pregnant sows. The good news is that Senator Lesniak introduced a similar bill already this year and it is making its way through the legislature. We will need your help to pass the bill, and will send information on how you can do that shortly.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Help Get Farm Animals in New York out of Crates and Cages - Photo by Farm Sanctuary
Dear Humanitarian,

This year the New Jersey Legislature stood up for animals and passed Senate Bill 1921—a bill to stop the use of crates that cruelly restrict pregnant sows. Sows live in these crates for their entire gestation period; they can only stand in one place or lie down. During this time they are also deprived of any mental or physical stimulation. Pigs raised this way are impregnated on average four times throughout their lives, and each time they are put into these barren crates.

The bill to stop this practice passed the legislature with overwhelming support! Only five members in the Assembly and four in the Senate voted "no" on the passage of the bill. New Jersey legislators and you, their constituent, believe in providing strong animal welfare standards for animals in New Jersey.

To our dismay, the pork industry aggressively campaigned to stop Governor Christie from signing this bill into law. The governor vetoed S. 1921, which could have strengthened the law to benefit pigs throughout the Garden State.

We have a plan to overturn the veto, but we can only do this with your help! We hope you will continue the fight to protect the animals of New Jersey.

Please tell your legislators who have already said yes to passing the bill, to stick by their decision to ban the use of gestation crates for pregnant pigs. We can't allow large pork producers to get away with usurping the power of the New Jersey legislature, and the will of the people, who fought so hard for the passage of this bill. You can send an email through the Compassion Index by clicking here, where you will find suggested talking points to include in your email.

Please be sure to share our "Dear Humanitarian" eAlert with family, friends and co-workers, and encourage them to write, too. We can only improve the lives of animals with your help!

As always, thank you very much for pitching in!


Dena Jones
Farm Animal Program Manager

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