AWI Quarterly » 2012 Fall

It's easy to fall in love with Bernadette, Valerie and Wee Willy, three wild burros, adopted earlier this year from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Their charismatic personalities and occasional, delightful brays are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.
The Wild Horse Symposium and 7th International Conference on Fertility Control in Wildlife was held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, from August 29 to September 1. Researchers from around the world discussed recent scientific, regulatory, and practical developments in the use of contraceptives to manage wildlife populations in place of traditional lethal methods and as disease-managing tools.
The eastern hellbender is a large, aquatic salamander that historically occurred throughout much of the eastern United States. Research has suggested that once abundant hellbenders, which eat crayfish and live under rocks in cool, clear streams and rivers, have experienced sharp declines across their range.
On September 26, AWI participated in a Capitol Hill briefing on H.R. 4122, the Big Cat and Public Safety Protection Act, which Reps. Buck McKeon (R-NC) and Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) introduced in response to the threats to public safety and animal welfare posed by the private ownership of exotic cats such as lions and tigers.
When Congress hustled out of town in September, it left a lot of unfinished business. Both the House Agriculture Committee and the full Senate had approved amendments to their farm bills that would prohibit attending or bringing a child to an animal fight.
Building on the public outrage accompanying several high profile prosecutions of horse soring, Reps. Ed Whitfield (R-KY) and Steve Cohen (D-TN) introduced legislation to strengthen the Horse Protection Act (HPA).
Sens. Kay Hagen (D-NC) and Richard Burr (R-NC) have introduced S. 3448, the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act.
One of the many myths about high-welfare, sustainable food is that it's a "niche" market, only for the well off. Tackling the common misconception that making the right food choices is (at best) prohibitively expensive or (at worst) simply irrelevant is one of the challenges of AWI's Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) program.
AWI’s Animal Welfare Approved products continue to experience increased demand across the country. One recent request was from the National Democratic Club in Washington, D.C., which now purchases pasture-raised eggs from Carole Morison.
When it comes to charismatic ocean species, sea turtles share the spotlight with magnificent marine mammals. However, the seven threatened and endangered species of sea turtles swimming the oceans are more than simply conservation icons.
Semi-biographical, this book centers on the subject of keeping orcas in captivity for human entertainment. It is full of carefully researched facts and statistics, and meticulously details whale-human incidents and red flags that preceded the now infamous killing of SeaWorld orca trainer and performer Dawn Brancheau by the orca Tilikum in February 2010.
September marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, a revolutionary exposé on the calamitous effect of unleashing DDT and other pesticides indiscriminately on the environment.