Encourage your School to End Dissections

AWI has partnered with Digital Frog International and SAVE THE FROGS! to provide a multi-seat license for the Digital Frog 2.5 (voted BEST dissection alternative by eSchool News readers) at no cost to schools in the United States that commit to end ALL animal dissections. To sign up, complete this agreement and return it to AWI.

Cats, frogs, fetal pigs, grasshoppers, mink, earthworms, rats, mice, dogs, pigeons, and turtles are just some of the many animals used in school dissection projects. Investigations into the capture, transport, warehousing and killing of animals destined for dissection show that the procurement process cause unnecessary suffering and death. Millions of frogs are taken from wetland habitats, piled into sacks and inhumanely killed by immersion in preservative. Frog populations are rapidly disappearing worldwide and the use of wild-caught frogs for dissections is a contributing factor to frog declines in many parts of the world.*

Many students and teachers are questioning the educational value and ethics of using animals in the classroom. Modern technology can teach students about the biology of living beings and to appreciate the vital role that all animals play in the natural world - without sacrificing the animals themselves. AWI, Save the Frogs! and Digital Frog International invite all students and teachers to participate.

Schools that have agreed to end all animal dissections:

Rancho Verde High School
Woodside School
Valley High School
Aviva High School
Amelia Earhart Middle School
Glendale Adventist Elementary
Southwestern Academy
Carleton Project
Central High School
Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy
Smithson Craighead Prep High School
Blum High School
Children's Unversity
Channing Hall and Central Freshman Campus
William Wetsel Middle School
Druid Hills Academy
Centreville Middle School
Green Woods Charter School


*Save the Frogs! is asking students and teachers to assist worldwide amphibian conservation efforts by getting their schools and school districts to specifically abandon frog dissection programs. Find out more at: www.savethefrogs.com/dissections