Jennifer Green : Primate Enrichment

Jello Jiggler Pipes by Ann Lablans



 A great time consuming enrichment. Placed on the outside of cages, the primate must manipulate the object in order to access the treats hidden inside.
Left: Jello Jiggler Pipes set up


 Quincy enjoying the jello jiggler pipe

 Quincy still trying!


Ozzie's pipe was placed at the top of the cage to make it harder to access.

 Stuffed Rolls by Jennifer Green



Paper Towel Rolls filled with Stuffed Cannolloni Pasta. This enrichment combines sticky treats in tube like pasta. The primates rip the paper towel roll apart exposing the stuffed pasta and spend time picking at sticky treats and foraging for fallen items.
Left: Set up



 Quincy enjoying cannoloni

 Brahm foraging for fallen treats

Logs by Jennifer Green

Left: Brahm is sitting on a perch made out of a base of a tree. Right: Cho is sitting on one of our branch perches.

Mirrors by Jennifer Green



Cho with acrylic mirror. This mirror comes in sheets and is breakable but not sharp. We cut peices of it to give to the primates and/or to attach to the enclosure walls. The primates enjoy carrying all sizes of mirror around pen and using it to look at all areas of the room.



Plastic cones & Salad by Jennifer Green




 Brahm is enjoying "plylon surprises" This enrichment was made out of plastic street cones (children's toys) attached together with holes at each end. The holes are very tiny so primate must manipulate the treats out of the cones. Most primates continue to play with pylons long after treats are consumed.

A primate enjoying "Frozen Frisbee Salads" These treats are easily made using a frisbee and a variety of veggies and fruit. Frozen overnight and handed to the primates or hung on the outside of cages to increase foraging time.

Mop heads strung with pasta and treats and knotted on the ends by Jennifer


Mop heads strung with pasta and treats and knotted on the ends

Brahm enjoying pulling treats off the mop through the cage

 Brahm pulling treats in

 Sam pulling in treats

This enrichment item scored high in our database. Primates spent a great deal of time foraging for the treats. Once complete, the technicians took the mop heads off the cages for reuse. We do not find the primates consumed the mop heads but this could be a concern.

Brahm biting at treats