Features of the Primate Enrichment Database

This database disseminates information on all aspects of environmental enrichment and refinement of housing and handling conditions of nonhuman primates. It comprises published articles, abstracts, book chapters, books, as well as published photographs, slide sets, videotapes, and selected web site information. Most entries have been read by the authors to guarantee their relevance to the topic.

Each record has four fields:

Citation: Full reference of record. You can search this field for author, date, journal/chapter/proceedings/book, and title, using one word/date or a combination of them.

Web: Presently there are almost 300 records available as full text documents; simply click on the Internet address to display or print the original article on your PC.

Annotation: This field summarizes topic-relevant findings. It may include foot notes of pre-publication abstracts and double or slightly modified papers of the same author(s) published in different journals.

Key words: Search for one or several key words, including species names. You can make mini-searches by simply browsing through the keyword index and clicking on a string of keywords such as:

Cage design & Visual barrier (13 records)
Environmental enrichment & Review (25 records)
Feeding enrichment & Foraging board (7 records)
Human interaction & General (16 records)
Inanimate enrichment & Swing (15 records)
Photo documentation & Perch installation (6 records)
Safety concerns & Wooden objects (5 records)
Single-housing & Self-injurious behavior (12 records)
Social enhancement & Pair formation & Risk (11 records)
Species-typical behavior & Time budget (7 records)
Terminology & Boredom (14 records)
Training to cooperate & Urine collection (14 records)
Variables & Observer effect (19 records)