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Honey is a Jersey cow who came to the Humane Farming Association several years ago from a sanctuary that closed. Honey lives at the nationís largest 5,000 acre Farm Animal Refuge, Suwanna Ranch, in Glenn County, California. She and the other cows, mostly Holsteins, usually stay in the second valley where she was photographed.

            The fate of most cows has become worse than at any other time in the history of the United States. The big industrial dairies, where cows are treated like cogs in a machine, are buying up cows as fast as they can and subjecting them to repeated painful injections of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), or as the manufacturer, Monsanto, calls this substance, Posilac, to make them produce so much milk that they soon sicken and die or are sold to a slaughterhouse. The meat packers have trampled on the US Humane Slaughter Act which Congress passed more than forty years ago to protect cattle, swine, sheep, goats and horses from the overriding greed of the enormous slaughter corporations.

Marjorie Cooke
Roger Fouts, Ph.D.
David O. Hill
Fredrick Hutchison
Cathy Liss
Christine Stevens
Cynthia Wilson

Christine Stevens, President
Cynthia Wilson, Vice President
Fredrick Hutchison, Treasurer

Scientific Committee
Marjorie Anchel, Ph.D.
Gerard Bertrand, Ph.D.
F. Barbara Orlans, Ph.D.
Roger Payne, Ph.D.
Samuel Peacock, M.D.
John Walsh, M.D.

International Committee
Aline de Aluja, D.M.V., Mexico
T.G. Antikas, D.M.V., Greece
Ambassador Tabarak Husain, Bangladesh
Angela King, United Kingdom
Simon Muchiru, Kenya
Godofredo Stutzin, Chile
Agnes Van Volkenburgh, Poland
Alexey Yablokov, Ph.D., Russia

Staff and Consultants
Ava Armendariz, Publications Coordinator
Amy Conklin, Administrative Assistant
John Gleiber, Assistant to the Officers
Diane Halverson, Farm Animal Advisor
Chris Heyde, Research Associate
Lynne Hutchison, Executive Secretary
Cathy Liss, Executive Director
Nell Naughton, Mail Order Secretary
Greta Nilsson, Wildlife Consultant
Viktor Reinhardt, D.M.V., Ph.D.,  Laboratory
       Animal Advisor
Jennifer Rinick, Research Assistant
Adam M. Roberts, Senior Research Associate
Wendy Swann, Research Associate
Ben White, International Coordinator



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Initiatives Against Cruel Traps in Oregon and Washington

Koala and Lynx Listed as "Threatened" Under ESA

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