In Remembrance of Mary Warner

Mary Warner, the friend of dogs stolen by dealers to sell to research institutions, has died at her home in Virginia. Mary was one of that vanishing breed, a private person who saw a need to protect animals and sprang into action—literally, because her organization was named Action 81. The 81 referred to Highway 81 which saw heavy traffic in unmarked trucks and vans, carrying abducted dogs to auctions or sales where the pathetic victims would breathe their last fresh air before spending the rest of the their days in cages, being tested or waiting to be tested. Action 81 unceasingly sought to trace lost pets and return them to their distraught owners.

Mary was petite, soft–spoken and a dynamo. Whether on horseback in the Virginia countryside, romping with her dogs—most of whom seemed larger than she—or in Richmond telling it like it is to legislative committees, Mary was a presence. Her unfailing good humor concealed a tireless worker whose legacy we can all appreciate.

—John Gleiber