AWI Quarterly » 2001 Spring

Mario Tabraue is a convicted felon who is supposed to be in prison. In 1989, a federal judge gave Tabraue a 100-year prison sentence. The government agents who worked on the case thought he would be in the penitentiary for the rest of his life.
An intercessional meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Monaco from February 6-8 failed to act on a "revised management scheme" (RMS) that would allow the resumption of commercial whaling. In fact, the three day long wrangle in the palatial setting of the Oceanographic Museum illustrated the severity of the rifts between whaling countries and those who support whale protection.
If you were in pain, and went to a doctor who told you that your pain is caused by a deadly but curable problem, and then gave you only medication to ease your pain, but nothing to cure the dangerous problem that was causing it, the doctor would be guilty of malpractice. Why? Because treating the symptom (pain) without treating the cause (cancer) could kill you. There's an analogous situation in human overpopulation.