Current Listing of Class B Dealers

This is a current listing of all "Class B" Random Source Dealers supplying live dogs and cats for research, teaching and testing. Learn more about how "Class B" dealers supply animals to laboratories, how your companion animal could be at risk, and what you can do to prevent this trade.


34-B-0281 James Woudenberg, (Howard City) 

34-B-0002 Fred Hodgins, Inc., DBA Hodgins Kennels (Howell and Fowlerville)

34-B-0210 D & M Resources (Stanwood)


31-B-0104 Robert Perry (Mt. Sterling)

South Carolina

56-B-0109 George S. Ward, DBA:  Whale Branch Animal Services (Seabrook)


DBA = doing business as

This list was updated January 28, 2014, by the Animal Welfare Institute with information obtained from the US Department of Agriculture. Dealers listed in red are under investigation. For further information, please contact us.