Schweitzer Medalists

Albert SchweitzerIn 1951, Dr. Albert Schweitzer gave his permission to the Animal Welfare Institute to strike a medal in his honor to be presented for outstanding achievement in the advancement of animal welfare.

In granting his permission, Dr. Schweitzer wrote,

"I would never have believed that my philosophy, which incorporates in our ethics a compassionate attitude toward all creatures, would be noticed and recognized in my lifetime."

In December 1953, a gold replica of the medal was presented to Dr. Albert Schweitzer by Dr. Charles Joy in Oslo, Norway, where Dr. Schweitzer had gone to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

Albert Schweitzer MedalAlbert Schweitzer Medal

Albert Schweitzer Medal Presentation to Michelle Welch, Raj Prasad & Amy Slameka - November 14, 2011

The Schweitzer Medalists
For Outstanding Contributions to Animal Welfare