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The AWI Quarterly is the magazine of the Animal Welfare Institute. This full-color periodical examines issues regarding animals everywhere—in the laboratory, on the farm, in commercial trade, at home, and in the wild. It is distributed to over 46,000 individuals and organizations, including public libraries, deans of medical and veterinary schools, laboratory technicians, scientists, farmers, teachers, law enforcement officers, shelters, animal protection organizations, members of Congress, and AWI members.

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Winter 2021

Two horrendous animal dealers have their licenses revoked. AWI takes a hard look, however, at the USDA’s failure to act with resolve and urgency to rescue animals at such facilities, as well as to prevent suffering of horses in the hands of unscrupulous trainers and of poultry outside slaughterhouses—where too often they are abandoned for days in transport trailers without food or water and subjected to extreme temperatures. We also look at how the research industry continues to capture and drain horseshoe crabs of their unusual blue blood for medical testing, even though an effective synthetic alternative exists.
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Fall 2021

Cruelty goes unchecked as “custom-exempt” slaughterhouses evade inspection. A notorious chinchilla dealer lands in court over allegations of abuse. Animals around the world grapple with habitats transformed by climate change. Wild denizens of ANWR get welcome reprieve from oil and gas drilling. AWI aids efforts to cultivate peaceful coexistence with beavers. A Mississippi River sediment diversion plan endangers dolphins. Teen participants in A Voice for Animals contest speak—and act—for a better world.
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Summer 2021

A campaign to end wildlife killing contests gains ground. AWI welcomes Scientific Committee members dedicated to advancing animal welfare, while an ill-conceived ocean noise study in Norway threatens to do more harm than good. A far different study shows mice in research react positively to playtime. The myth of benign dog-proof traps is exposed. AWI gets USDA to open up access to humane slaughter enforcement records. Animal welfare bills in Congress need the support of your legislators.
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Spring 2021

A call to end mink farming—a cruel, outdated industry that is also an incubator for COVID-19. AWI launches a challenge before the Federal Trade Commission to a deceptive animal welfare label claim by a prominent poultry producer. The USFWS is told (in court) to get it in gear on red wolf recovery. AWI scholarship winners take animal welfare ethic to college, while cuttlefish flex their brains by passing the famed marshmallow test. A new whale species is identified in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Winter 2020

AWI is funding studies to promote peaceful coexistence between wolves and humans, while the US Fish and Wildlife Service is stripping away Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves and abandoning its once-successful recovery program for red wolves. Meanwhile, a bit of positive news for some wolf descendants: Greyhound racing is coming to an end in Florida and other states, and a long-lost canine reunites with his family.
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