Funding Opportunities at AWI

AWI offers a number of funding opportunities to assist efforts to improve animal welfare. Use the links below for more information or to apply, and thank you for your interest in making life better for animals.


Implementing Refinement Grant

Supporting the implementation of existing refinements to improve the welfare of animals in research

AWI offers grants of up to US$8,000 toward the purchase of equipment or training of staff for the purpose of refining the care, husbandry, and/or housing of animals in research to improve their welfare. This grant is open only to residents of the United States and Canada for equipment and/or training intended for use in the United States and Canada.

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Refinement Research Award

Promoting ideas to improve the welfare of animals in research

AWI offers awards of up to US$15,000 to develop and test innovative methods of refinement to the care, husbandry, or housing of animals in research to improve their welfare. To qualify for the award, applicants must be based in and the project must be conducted in the United States or Canada. Projects that inflict avoidable stress or involve killing animals will not be funded.

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Animal Welfare Institute Scholarship

Helping students pursue career opportunities focused on improving animal welfare

High school seniors in the United States are eligible to apply for this scholarship if they (1) have demonstrated a commitment to animal welfare through volunteer work and/or advocacy and (2) intend to pursue a career that will seek to reduce animal suffering and protect vulnerable species. Up to 12 applicants are chosen each year to receive scholarships, worth $3,000 each.

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Christine Stevens Wildlife Awards

Funding innovative strategies for humane, nonlethal wildlife conflict management and improved methods of wildlife study

This award program provides up to US$15,000 to recipients to help spur innovative research on humane, nonlethal tools and techniques for wildlife conflict management and for studying wildlife. To qualify for the award, the study must be conducted within the United States, Canada, and/or Mexico. Studies using new methodologies or that involve the innovative use of existing technologies are particularly welcome.

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