Norwegian Whaling

Norway killed whales for commercial purposes before the 1982 decision on a moratorium on commercial whaling - exporting most of the whale products from approximately 2,000 minke whales taken each year to Japan. Norway took an objection to the moratorium decision, which under IWC rules meant that it was not bound by it.

When the moratorium came into effect in 1986, Norway undertook a small-scale scientific hunt of minke whales, then in 1993, it announced that it would resume commercial whaling under its objection. It has continued to whale for commercial purposes since that time, killing many hundreds of minke whales every year, primarily for the domestic market. Since 1993, Norway has killed over 7,000 minke whales for commercial purposes, although in recent years the number of whales taken has been vastly lower than the self-appointed quotas - presumably because demand is dwindling.