Our Team

Alexandra Alberg, Senior Graphic Designer
Nancy Blaney, Director, Government Affairs
Claire Coughlin, Coordinator, Safe Havens for Pets
Adrienne Craig, Esq., Policy Associate and Staff Attorney, Farmed Animal Program
Kate Dylewsky, Assistant Director, Government Affairs
Maisy Englund, PhD, Scientist, Animal Cognition, Animals in Laboratories Program
Sue Fisher, Senior Policy Advisor, Marine Life and Terrestrial Wildlife Programs
Marjorie Fishman, Public Relations Manager
Ericca Gandolfo, Policy Advisor, Government Affairs
Allie Granger, Senior Policy Associate, Farmed Animal Program
Joanna Grossman, PhD, Director, Equine Program and Senior Policy Advisor, Farmed Animal Program
Johanna Hamburger, Esq., Director and Senior Attorney, Terrestrial Wildlife Program
Georgia Hancock, Esq., Director and Senior Attorney, Marine Life Program
Lisa Hoover, Senior Policy Advisor, Animals in Laboratories Program
James Jacobs, Office Manager
Robin Jacobsohn, Esq., General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer
Dena Jones, Director, Farmed Animal Program
Eric Kleiman, Researcher
Joanna Makowska, PhD, Director and Senior Scientist, Applied Animal Behavior, Animals in Laboratories Program
Paul Marchione, Chief Operations Officer
Wendy McNally, Donor Relations Manager
Kim Meneo, Digital Engagement Manager
Susan Millward, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Kate O'Connell, Senior Policy Consultant, Marine Life Program
Lauren Ponder, Accounting Manager
Mary Lou Randour, PhD, Senior Policy Advisor, Animals and Family Violence Program
Gwendy Reyes-Illg, DVM, Scientist, Veterinary Medicine Consultant, Farmed Animal Program
Naomi A. Rose, PhD, Senior Scientist, Marine Mammal Biology, Marine Life Program
D.J. Schubert, Senior Scientist, Wildlife Biology, Marine Life and Terrestrial Wildlife Programs
Zack Strong, Senior Policy Advisor and Senior Attorney, Farmed Animal Program
Regina Terlau-Benford, Coordinator, Humane Education Program
Dave Tilford, Senior Writer/Editor


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