Kamie Cat’s Terrible Night

Written and illustrated by Sheila Hamanaka

A night out on the town could be fun… unless you are a cat lost and alone in the city. Kamie Cat’s Terrible Night is the latest collaboration between AWI and award-winning author and illustrator, Sheila Hamanaka. This colorful children’s book, featuring a multicultural cast of characters, chronicles the (mis)adventures of a cat named Kamie, after music from a party and the smell of fried fish wafting on the night air lure her out of an open window and the cozy home she shares with kind Mr. Wong.

Beneath "a sliver of a moon, no wider than a cat’s whisker," Kamie learns that the city can be full of scary surprises. Kamie runs afoul of a big dog, a speeding car… even a human who pampers her own cat but doesn’t think much of "scruffy" little Kamie staring longingly in her window. Following Kamie through back alleys, city streets, a shelter, and finally back home, young readers (ages 8 and under) can learn about compassion and proper care of our feline friends.

AWI and Hamanaka previously teamed up to publish Pablo Puppy’s Search for the Perfect Person, and The Boy Who Loved All Living Things: The Imaginary Childhood Journal of Albert Schweitzer. As with the two previous books, one complimentary copy of Kamie Cat is available to all libraries, pre-K through third grade teachers, humane educators, and active AWI members. For others, or for additional copies, the book can be purchased at cost for $4, which includes shipping and handling. Also available for free on AWI’s website (www.awionline.org/educationalmaterials) are Kamie Cat- and Pablo Puppy-themed educational activities for children, with downloadable coloring pages, a board game, and more.