Palau and Honduras Call for More Shark Sanctuaries

During a special September meeting on biodiversity convened by the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the presidents of Palau and Honduras called on other nations to join them in saving the world’s shark populations by establishing shark sanctuaries in their waters. President Toribiong of Palau established the world’s first shark sanctuary in September 2009, banning all commercial shark fishing in Palau’s waters.

President Lobo of Honduras followed suit in February, declaring that nation’s waters a shark sanctuary, as well. The two presidents also called for a global ban on shark finning at the meeting. An impassioned President Toribiong stated that, "The need to protect sharks outweighs the need to enjoy a bowl of soup. These creatures are being slaughtered and are at the brink of extinction unless we take positive action to protect them."

A push to ban shark fishing is also underway in The Bahamas, following an article in a Bahaman newspaper exposing plans by Sunco Wholesale Seafood to start fishing for sharks and exporting their fins to Hong Kong. To sign the petition and request that the Bahamian government protect its sharks, visit: