Senate Bill to Protect Whales

Senator John Kerry (D-MA), a long-standing champion of whales, introduced legislation in early March “to amend the Whale Conservation and Protection Study Act to promote international whale conservation, protection, and research, and for other purposes.” S. 3116 is a companion bill to a House version introduced last year that would promote a return to US leadership on behalf of whales. Coming at a critical time for these marine mammals, when discussions about the resumption of commercial hunting are underway by the International Whaling Commission, the bill highlights the need for global protection efforts, given their migratory nature and the increasing threats of ozone depletion, climate change, marine debris, vessel strikes, prey depletion, entanglements with fishing gear, chemical and noise pollution, offshore industrial development, and continued human exploitation.

You Can Make a Difference
Letters from constituents are invaluable. Help support S. 3116 by contacting your Senators and asking them to co-sponsor the bill. Tell them that:

  • Whales are essential components of ocean ecosystems;
  • Whales face growing threats from climate change, pollution, fisheries interactions, ship strikes and other anthropogenic stressors;
  • Whaling is inherently cruel;
  • Killing whales for commercial gain is needless, archaic and must be stopped;
  • Whales are worth more alive than dead; and
  • The US must lead the battle to protect whales from all threats.

Letters to Senators should be addressed to:

The Honorable (Full Name)
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

For assistance, please see our action center: