AWI Attends Beantown Seafood Show

AWI’s Mariko Terasaki and Kate O’Connell took part in the Boston Seafood Show, March 11 through 13. The show was attended by more than 900 seafood supply companies from more than 120 countries. This is the second time the pair have attended the meeting, which provides a great opportunity to advocate for whales and interact with fishing and whaling interests—often the same people, as the two industries are inextricably linked in whaling nations. As case in point, Joji Morishita, the former alternate commissioner for Japan at the IWC, attended this year on behalf of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to promote Japanese seafood and allay concerns about radiation in fish sold to the United States. Notably absent was Kristjan Loftsson, Chief Executive of Hvalur hf, the Icelandic fin whaling company and an IWC regular. Mr. Loftsson is also deputy chairman of HB Grandi, Iceland’s leading fishing company, and last year was part of a very large contingent of Icelandic fishing companies promoting the sustainability of Icelandic fish. (See Closing Markets to Whalers for more on Hvalur hf and HB Grandi.)