Hallmark/Westland Settlement: A Win for Animals

In 2008 an undercover investigation showing heinous animal cruelty led to the largest beef recall in US history. The meat recalled came from Westland/Hallmark Meat Packing Co. in Chino, California. The company was a part of the National School Lunch program; if not for the investigation, the meat may have ended up on school lunch plates. A lawsuit against the company, its owners, and investors alleged that they defrauded the US government and violated their contract with the National Lunch Program, which required them to treat animals humanely. Recently, in accordance with a final consent decree, the owners and investors will forfeit over 3 million dollars as a part of settling the case. A consent judgment will also be entered against Westland in the amount of $155.7 million—the largest consent judgment in US history for animal abuse. (This latter judgment is largely symbolic, however, as the company does not have the assets to pay it.) 

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