114th Congress: Parting Shots

The continuing resolution that the 114th Congress passed in December to fund the government until April 28 kept in place AWI-supported language denying funds for horse slaughter plant inspections by the USDA—a move that effectively keeps these plants from operating. However, as we have pointed out before, this is merely a stopgap measure; a comprehensive ban on the slaughter of American horses for food is still needed. (See reference to SAFE Act, next column.)

Another positive outcome of the continuing resolution is that it once again denied funds for issuing new licenses to or renewing existing licenses of (notoriously inhumane and unscrupulous) Class B dealers who sell random source dogs and cats for use in research. And thanks to public opposition, the resolution did not include several very harmful anti-wildlife riders, including one that would have ended Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the continental United States. Unfortunately, a set of companion bills (HR 424/S 164) aimed at removing federal protections from gray wolves in four states has already been introduced in the new Congress. Please ask your members of Congress to oppose these bills.