Inexcusable Animal Suffering at USDA’s Marc… Again

An inspection report from August 6 for the US Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) documents extreme neglect of animals, including “repeated failures” to follow veterinarian instructions. Underfed ewes deteriorated so badly over the course of a month that two had to be euthanized. MARC co-mingled incompatible breeds of sheep, leading to food competition and “markedly thin” body condition for 20-30 percent of the more docile breed. Even after the veterinarian ordered more food immediately, the facility failed to do so. MARC also deprived a crippled, dehydrated ewe of care and finally euthanized her. And right in front of inspectors, MARC denied a lame lamb veterinarian-prescribed treatment.

This is the same facility that caused public ire and congressional scrutiny—eventually compelling the USDA to implement an inspection regime—after a New York Times article exposed deplorable animal suffering there (see AWI Quarterly, winter 2015). That such conditions could once again be documented is beyond belief.

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