Knitting Nests for Wildlife in Need

The international outpouring of support toward injured and orphaned animal victims of the Australian wildfires has been tremendous. In addition to the generous monetary and medical supply donations, individuals from around the world picked up their knitting needles and crochet hooks, dusted off their sewing machines, and collaborated to make items for animals in rehabilitation centers: koala mittens, bat wraps, joey pouches, and bird nests. The response from crafters has been so great that Australians have asked for a “time out” as they assess whether more items are still needed.

photo by Kim Barker
photo by Kim Barker

Even if Australians determine they no longer need additional craft items, your local wildlife rehabilitator likely does. Wildlife Rescue Nests is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization that connects crafters with wildlife rehabilitators needing nests for birds and small mammals in their care. Since 2013, the organization’s volunteers have provided over 31,000 knitted or crocheted nests to more than 500 wildlife rescues across the globe. Registered volunteers have access to approved knitting and crocheting patterns, as well as a current list of registered rescues and the specific nests each has requested. In exchange for the volunteers’ hard work, rescues share a photo of the nests being used. 

Have a hankering (and hank of yarn) to help? Visit to register as a volunteer.

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