HB Grandi Sheds Whaling Stigma at Seafood Expo

Each year, AWI and allies attend the Seafood Expo Global—the world’s largest seafood trade exposition—in Brussels. Companies from nearly 90 countries are represented, including many with ties to shark finning, fisheries bycatch of endangered and protected species, and commercial whaling. At the event, we meet with buyers and sellers to highlight our concerns with these inhumane and unsustainable practices.

In recent years, our Don’t Buy from Icelandic Whalers campaign has urged seafood buyers not to source from Icelandic seafood giant HB Grandi due to its association with fin whaling company Hvalur, which has killed almost 900 endangered fin whales since 2009. Last year, HB Grandi finally made major changes to its shareholder and board composition that resulted in the company severing its association with Hvalur. The HB Grandi booth was large and busy this year as the company ushered in a new era disentangled from whaling.