Protecting Marine Mammals in the Caribbean

AWI participated as an invited expert in the fourth series of meetings of the Caribbean Marine Mammals Preservation Network (CARI’MAM) in October and November. This year’s meetings were held virtually. CARI’MAM comprises marine mammal stakeholders and experts in the Wider Caribbean. At least 37 species of marine mammals call the Wider Caribbean home, and CARI’MAM provides countries with a way to share information, combine resources, and cooperate on marine mammal conservation issues. 

The meetings included sessions on “knowledge acquisition and scientific monitoring,” “threats, protection, and awareness raising,” and “marine mammal watching.” The latter session included a presentation by the International Whaling Commission on its impressive online Whale Watching Handbook. The handbook is available in English, French, and Spanish and is for operators, whale watchers, and regulators. The presentation was timely, as whale watching is a growing industry in the Wider Caribbean.