California Enhances System to Rescue Animals in Emergencies

cow - photo by Vova Shevchuk
photo by Vova Shevchuk

Following a series of devastating wildfires, the state of California is investing $3 million to better protect animals when disasters strike. The funding, which is provided through the state’s 2021 Budget Act, will go toward creation of a California Veterinary Emergency Team administered by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. According to a UC Davis press release, “The program will support and train a network of government agencies, individuals and organizations to aid domestic animals and livestock during emergencies.” The team will also serve as a reinforcement for the current emergency response entity—the California Animal Response Emergency System—and assist in coordinating and mobilizing hundreds of volunteers when needed. If successfully implemented, this initiative could serve as a model for protecting farm animals in states across the country. 

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