Be An Educated Consumer - Wildlife

Each animal has an inherent value and each species plays a vital role in the ecosystem in which he/she lives. We must conserve these species and protect their habitats. Forests and other wild places must be preserved as homes for wild animals. Think about what you can do to ensure that wildlife habitats are protected for wildlife. As a consumer, be aware of what goes into the products you purchase, and make choices that have less harmful impact on animals and their habitats.

Here are a few ways to help wildlife by being an educated consumer:

  • Avoid any cosmetics, medicines or foods which are based on endangered or threatened animal species.
  • Never buy exotic pets caught in the wild.
  • Avoid purchasing exotic animals, particularly those who were wild-caught.
  • For information on species at risk, see the CITES database at, or the more inclusive and cautionary IUCN Red List at
  • As a consumer, be wary of products made from listed wildlife species.
  • Remember it is illegal to import a CITES listed species without a permit.
  • Be part of the solution: support genuine efforts that keep wildlife in the wild, such as photo safaris or community-based humane education programs.

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