The Case Against Marine Mammals in Captivity

The Case Against Marine Mammals in Captivity Cover

The Case Against Marine Mammals in Captivity was first produced in 1995 as a comprehensive resource for the public, the media, scientists, students, and policymakers to learn the various arguments against holding marine mammals for public display in zoos, aquariums, and marine theme parks. The report has an introduction, 13 chapters, and over 680 endnotes, offering overarching concepts and comprehensive examples on why marine mammals—a group of animals that are ecologically tied to the ocean environment—cannot thrive in confinement. No concrete tank or small sea pen can provide an animal with anything close to the complexity of coastal habitat or the open sea. Marine mammals, but especially the larger, wide-ranging predators such as whales, dolphins, and polar bears, simply do not belong in captivity. 2023, 186 pages.

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