CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

Daniel Imhoff / Earth Aware Editions / 400 pages

A 2010 survey funded by the beef industry found that 64 percent of American consumers are familiar with the term “factory farming.” The Foundation for Deep Ecology and Watershed Media are seeking to increase that number through publication of CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, a large-format book packed with 30 essays from leading experts on the negative impacts of factory farming, and accompanied by a collection of 450 photos (including a few from AWI) depicting the disgusting realities of industrial production of animals for food. Among the essays are contributions from Michael Pollan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Eric Schlosser, and Anna Lappe. Unlike other publications that have focused chiefly on the considerable environmental damage done by factory farming, CAFO also gives animal welfare its due, unflinchingly referring to industrial farms as “concentration camps” and “prisons” and portraying in words and pictures the mass suffering inflicted on farm animals today at typical US factory farms, as well as during transportation and at slaughter. A more compact paperback edition, minus the photos, is also available.