Two Books Examine Our Relationship with Wolves

New Era for Wolves and People: Wolf Recovery, Human Attitudes and Policy / 282 pages
The World of Wolves: New Perspectives on Ecology, Behaviour and Management / 352 pages

These two groundbreaking books—both edited by Marco Musiana, Luigi Boitani, and Paul Paquet, and published by the University of Calgary Press—offer perspectives on how humans can better coexist with wolves.

The first, New Era for Wolves and People, analyzes the crucial relationship between human ethics, attitudes and policy, and the management of wolf populations in North America and Europe. The various authors assert that these human dimensions affect wolf survival just as much, if not more, than the physical environment.

AWI wildlife consultant Camilla Fox co-authored a chapter with internationally recognized animal behavior expert Dr. Marc Bekoff, titled Ethical Reflections on Wolf Recovery and Conservation: A Practical Approach for Making Room for Wolves.

The second book, The World of Wolves, looks at current trends in wolf and wildlife management. Representative case studies from geographically and culturally diverse areas of the world highlight the existing interconnections between wolves, their prey, habitat, and people, and the role of science in policy formation and wolf management.