The Last Great Ape by Ofir Drori and David McDannald

Ofir Drori and David McDannald / Pegasus Books / 282 pages

The Last Great Ape: A Journey Through Africa and a Fight for the Heart of the Continent, by Ofir Drori and David McDannald, chronicles the path of Ofir, an adventure seeker who leaves his Israeli homeland for Africa. Originally motivated by an opportunity to travel and learn about African cultures, Ofir discovers his true calling in life through observations of corruption and bribery entailing the abuse and exploitation of endangered species. Upon encountering apathetic and corrupt government officials, and failing to motivate the existing nonprofit organizations operating inside Africa in the name of animal conservation, Ofir took it upon himself to become an activist, establish an innovative undercover task force, and make a personal impact that has forever changed the landscape of animal welfare in Africa. From surviving a near fatal bus crash to living with remote, isolated tribes, this is a fast-paced tale of adventure that will captivate the reader with harrowing episodes that seem unimaginable to those who stick to typical tourist routes. The Last Great Ape is the story of an individual who left everything behind and bravely stood up for his beliefs as an outsider in a foreign country, against overwhelming odds, and while confronting personal danger at every turn.